Karasek Fund


The Frank Karasek Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the International Nuclear Target Development Society (INTDS) in 1996 in recognition of Frank’s enormous contributions to the production of thin metal foils by the method of rolling. This fund was originally designated to support (travel or conference fee subsidy) young researchers engaged in target foil rolling.

Frank’s prodigious work is well known throughout the world, even to this day [1, 2]. The large rolling mills he used at Argonne National Laboratory are still in use in the Material Science Division. After his passing, much of his Microfoils Company equipment was acquired by Trace Sciences International in Canada.

Photograph of the Frank Karasek rolling mill at Trace Sciences International.

At first, the disbursement of these funds was to further the art of rolling foil targets by instructing young investigators who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the techniques employed. Since then the scholarships have been awarded to researchers from other laboratories which cover activities involving target preparation in general; including physical vapor deposition as well as other methods [3, 4]. This support provided to young researchers engaged in target preparation for nuclear physics experiments should be encouraged wherever and whenever possible.

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